• MLP: CCG Discussion Post #1 - Twilight Sparkle and her Mane Character of Many Colors

    With Celestial Solstice coming out next week and The Crystal Games coming in November, MLP: CCG players will have a LOT to talk about. So, we're going to try something new with this discussion post, and if it takes off then we'll keep it going! (So invite your friends, guys. :D )

    With that in mind, here's your first topic:

    The Celestial Solstice Mane Character card "Twilight Sparkle, Friendship is Magic" will definitely inspire new deckbuilding strategies for a lot of people, considering it lets you play additional colors in your deck in ways never seen before. And if you're up against someone's deck you've never seen before, and they put down this Twilight as their Mane Character, you won't have the slightest idea what colors are in their deck until they start playing cards...

    So, how is this Twilight Mane going to change the way you build a deck or play the game? Hit up the comments with your thoughts!