• Everfree Northwest Announces John de Lancie!

    We've got some great news for you guys on this spookiest of nights! After a long hiatus from the pony convention circuit, John de Lancie returns as a guest to Everfree Northwest next year. If you've ever needed an excuse to head to a pony convention let this be it.

    That pique your interest? Check on after the break for the full details as well as a promo recorded by de Lancie himself!

    Uh oh, Everypony. The Everfree Forest is in utter Chaos this evening! What could have caused such a commotion, you ask? Well, it’s probably because the one and only John de Lancie is announcing his upcoming attendance at Everfree Northwest 2015! Please put your hooves together for the voice behind our favorite draconequus, Discord. Don’t believe us? Hear it straight from the dragon/eagle/snake/lion/deer/goat/horse’s mouth below!

    In addition to the living embodiment of Chaos, John is perhaps best known for his role as the omnipotent trickster, Q from Star Trek, having played the role on The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager. His accomplishments are hardly limited to the Final Frontier, having lent his talents to the Assassin’s Creed games, major roles in the Dr. Who spinoff Torchwood and the acclaimed Stargate: SG-1, as well as spearheading the Bronies Documentary from 2012, in which John is both host and Executive Producer.

    John will make his Everfree debut all weekend long this coming May 29-31 at the SeaTac Airport Hilton Conference Center. Book your room now at our special rate with the link on our website. Be sure to register your badge now, as this will be an Everfree Northwest you won’t want to miss! Happy Halloween, Everypony!

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    Artwork by the delightful Dana “Pedantia” Simpson

    Twitter: Calpain