• Discussion: How Did You Start Watching Ponies? 2014 Edition

    It has been a few years since we asked this question, and since so many people have come and gone with an almost fresh base of pony fans now, It might be a fun one to revisit. 

    Four years ago a cartoon popped up that caused a massive portion of the internet to question their manlyness.  "My Little Pony? Really?" they'd say, only to end up dared into watching an episode or two and getting completely hooked.  If you were like me, your first foray into Ponyville was met with fierce resistance, with the brain both saying "THIS IS SURPRISINGLY FUN" and "I CAN'T LIKE THIS JUST STOP" at the same time. This was long before an actual fandom was in place though.  We started as a bunch of weird dudes on the comics boards of 4chan.  Now days pony is pretty much accepted in nerd culture.

    So, good denizens of this website that posts way too much cartoon horse.  What is your story? How did you run into My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic for the first time? What was your first reaction to it? Your first episode? How deep does your pony love go now?

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