• Alamo Draft House in Dallas Running Followup Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks Event

    For those of you over in Texas that couldn't make the first one, the Alamo Draft House is doing yet another Equestria Girls showing.  Apparently a ton of people showed up, and they want to party again. 

    Expect it on Saturday afternoon.  Exact link can be found over here.

    Full press release below the break!

    Alamo Drafthouse: EQG 2-2

    Turns out the Wednesday night Dallas showing of Equestria Girls 2: Rainbow Rocks was so successful, they’ve decided to do it again! If you’re in North Texas, and you couldn’t make it Wednesday, come on out Saturday afternoon! The event will be hosted once again by Nightmare Nights Dallas and Chef Sandy, with area vendors bringing plenty of pony merch for your consumer needs. They’ve even come up with some pony-themed cocktails at the bar!