• AJ Appreciation Day Preparation!

    After AJ has consistently hit the bottom of most polls involving the mane six we decided to start an appreciation day for our little orange pony. Considering the spread of the terrible background pony meme over the past year or so I think she really does deserve some time in the spotlight. Our last two AJ days were great successes so let's make this one even better!

    Starting now till Oct 15th, everyone has a chance to send in whatever AJ related material they know of or have created themselves! That includes banners, art, games, music, ect! When you send in your AJ stuff make sure to put in the subject line AJ Day - Whatever you are sending in so it can be properly sorted and not eaten by our [email protected] box. Then when Oct 15th rolls around we can have a wonderfully AJ filled Autumn day!

    One last thing because I just know someone is going to bring it up in the comments. Yes, we will have some other appreciation days for characters that deserve some spotlight. A Celestia Day and Spike Day are just some examples we are thinking of so expect some more fun character themed days to come!

    Twitter: Calpain