• Warning: Loads of Rainbow Rocks Spoilers Popping Up (And Spoilers Below the Break)

    It looks like some early showings of Rainbow Rocks have been leaked, or at least screenshots of them.  As is the norm for the leakiest show on the planet, stuff is popping up all over the place with still a week from it hitting theaters.

    Obviously if you plan on blindly wandering the ponynets, be sure to keep your spoilerguard on.  We will be tagging things that fall into that category for the next few days, as I'm sure people will be creating things based on it.

    And if you couldn't care less about spoilers, get some fun stuff below the break! Save our email boxes from the flood!

    Thanks to Raul, Tim, Micheal, and everyone else for the heads up! 

    Warning: Spoilers below! 

    Update: More over here.