• Rarity Vs. A Giant Crab... IN REAL LIFE

    What happens when a Rarity blindbag figurine meets a blue crab from the Chesapeake Bay?

    Head below the break for the epic battle!

    Aha! There you are, you troublemaking crustacean!

    If you're going to attack Ponyville, at least have the decency to look good while doing it.  Those colors on your claws are positively garish, darling.

    W-wait, what are you doing?

    Aack!  Unhand me, you ruffian!

    Just because I am a lady does not mean I cannot defend myself!

    • No blue crabs were harmed in making this post.
    • Blue crabs are aggressive and can be dangerous!  Please do not attempt to handle blue crabs without proper animal safety training.
    • Photos taken by me, Pegasus Rescue Brigade.