• OnlyFactory Apparently Still Making Pony Plushies, Ebay Shops Swarmed with Them

    Remember those old 12 INCHES logos that used to pop up before Onlyfactory's pony section was shut down? It looks like it's back.  A boatload of chinese factory sellers on Ebay have tossed up a whole bunch of these guys.  If you saw a kickstarter for one before the shutdown, you can probably expect to find it somewhere over there in multiple quantities.

    Right now the following have appeared:

    Filly Luna
    Coco Pommel
    Dr Whoof
    Filly Celestia

    Head on down below the break for images and links to all of them!

    As always, we can't warn enough that these are still from shifty Chinese manufacturers, so quality may vary.

    Thanks to Applepiepinkiepie for the heads up.