• Nightly Roundup #1049

    When a pony gets too fluffy they begin to lose their mind! Working in all the fur would drive anyone crazy.

    News time! Get it after the break.

    Tonight's Stories

    Pony Meets World

    Looks like Pony in Real Life has been taken a step further by becoming a show called Pony Meets World! If you loved the Pony in Real Life vids check these out.

    BUCKCon 2014 Music Video

    For those of you who couldn't make it to BUCK, a pony fan put together a little video showcasing the concert at the very least! Take a look.

    'Sleeping Dogs - Fast Facts' Reference

    At around the 16 second mark we get a pony reference, if ever so briefly.

    Washington Post Talks About Gender Roles, Mentions Pony

    In an analysis of shifting gender roles in today's society, the Washington Post made mention of MLP in their article. Check it out at the link below.

    Check out the full story here!

    UFP 54: A Sombra Affair

    More pony of the Ultra Fast variety for you fans of the series.

    Top Eleven Brony Songs of 2011

    Get ready for a total blast from the past with the top 11 songs from 2011. Man that feels forever ago.

    Forever Faithful Audiobook

    Have some light reading for tonight everyone!

    Pony in The Crew Photo

    In what I assume is a staff photo of the crew behind, well, The Crew, we see that at least one person on staff is a pony fan! Awesome!

    Tonight's Groups Looking For More

    Salt Lake City Comic Con Brony Panel

    Salt Lake City Comic Con in Salt Lake City, Utah is having a panel called "Are you a Brony or a Pegasister" tomorrow

    Tonight's Podcasts and Blogs

    Fallout is Dragons: Fireball Periwinkle

    Over One Billion Words of MLP Fanfiction

    Analyzing Is Magic: Cadance Turned Twilight Into An Alicorn

    Your OC Sucks Episode 27

    Pony25 36/2014

    Today In Pony History

    September 6, 2011-2013

    2011 - Interactive Vinyl Scratch and gasping ponies teaser!

    2012 - Friendship is Witchcraft short and an interview with Andrew W.K. about ponies.

    2013 - Reading Rainbow posts Reading Rainbow Dash and Rainbow Dash feels are on the way.

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