• Atomic Empire Listing 4dE Plushies with November Pre-Orders (Updated)

    Applejack, Fluttershy Derpy Hooves, Luna, and Trixie have all been added over at Atomic Empire for pre-order.  They have larger images than what we had a few weeks ago, along with prices for each!

    Everyone except for Luna goes for $21.25, with moonbutt clocking in at $50.  According to the description, she's actually 15 inches tall compared to the others, so that is a gigantic plushie. 

    Anyway, all images can be found below the break!

    Thanks to Cole for sending them. 

    (Update: We've been told that these guys don't actually have permission to put these up for pre-order yet.  I'd hold off on ordering them)

    Pre-orderable over here!