• Third Rainbow Rocks Clip Released featuring New Song

    A new Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks sneak peak has been released featuring yet another awesome song from the upcoming movie. Check out this new clip which comes in at a healthy 5 minutes. If you're not into spoilers, I recommend you don't go any further but if you love spoilers (like I do) then go ahead and check out the video after the break with a small explanation.

    This video not only features a new song but also features the characters wondering why they transform with pony ears, tails, and wings. They also go into a few details about how the band was formed and everyone's favorite characters makes an appearance... Flash Sentry! And clearly Fluttershy has a song written... I wonder if we'll get to hear it soon.

    Thanks Flutteryay for the hat tip!

    Editor's Note: I'm back ;)