• OC Ponies Used to be Frowned Upon, Today they are Celebrated! Have some history, and Show Off Your Favorite OC Pony!

    I know quite a few of you weren't around at all back in the early days, and probably don't know that OC ponies were a largely feared product of our first major haitus.  Many were worried that pony would turn into the next Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.  If you Google "[your name] The Hedgehog" in the image section, you will see what I mean.  For quite a while we weren't even posting OC ponies here on EQD! And with pony creator pumping out all sorts of black alicorn mary sue demonlords, not a lot of the old crowd was willing to make the jump.

    Over the years though, original characters have become a completely accepted process of a maturing fandom.  We still get our share of facepalmy special snowflakes, but with characters like Little Pip and the surge of bat ponies, it's pretty commonplace to see them right next to the mane cast in an artists repertoire.  There are some stigmas remaining, primarily people shippin their creations with official characters, but it's much smoother sailing than it was.

    Maybe some day EQD will get it's own mascot and stop throwing Trixie everywhere? I should start thinking about that. 

    History lesson over! It's time to celebrate with some OC ponies.  In the comments below, drop your personal character, or show off one that caught your eye over the years.