• "Disturbing Rarity Clopfic Reading" in Machinima's 7 Worst Youtube Videos Ever, and Pinkie Pie In Most Disturbing Kids Show Scene

    Ponies... IN THE MEDIA.  Or the new media.  I don't think I've watched cable since season four ended.

    Anyway, we have two videos today, the first from popular channel Machinima highlighting the 7 worst Youtube videos ever, with someone's live reading of a Rarity fanfic in attendance.  It keeps it SFW, and they don't attack the concept of ponies, but I wouldn't go digging for said fic or video.

    And in slot number two, Pinkie Pie invaded a top 20 most disturbing moments in kid shows.  Party of One surprised all of us back in the day.  No one though pony would go that route.

    Get both videos below! Thanks to Guenz, 1992zzepeda, and everyone else for sending them!