• City Paper Article Rips into the Pony Fandom and BronyCon

    BronyCon just happened, and news media everywhere had stuff to say about it leading up to the event.  When a massive amount of pony fans decide to gather up and have some fun for the weekend, people notice.

    Unfortunately, some notice it in the wrong way, and blow things out of proportion.  Over on a site called City Paper based in Baltimore, one of their writers decided to go all out on the "this is creepy" bandwagon, with the usual "I take take things way too seriously and live my life on a slippery slope" points we see in some of these.

    Obviously in order to start an uproar, she needed to dig into the world of Google searches with safesearch off (which is ridiculous in itself for someone scared of the internet), so viewer discretion is advised.

    You can find it over here!