• Charity Album - Academy of Booty

    Yeah, the cover looks a little... weird, and yes, the songs follow suit, but Pinkamena Party (the alter ego of Balloon Party) has come once again with another mix of tracks from a whole boatload of fandom musicians, 62 in all.

    All proceeds will go toward CLIC Cargent for children with cancer.  If you want in, head on down below for the press release or check it out here.

    Announcing the release of the long-awaited third Pinkamena Party album (the stranger, more intense doppelganger of Balloon Party organized by davhors!/Speedcore Dave! and Supersaw Hoover), ACADEMY OF BOOTY!
    In addition to the hardcore, speedcore, breakcore, and noise that is a hallmark of the Pinkamena Party albums, this album also focuses on booty bass music, ghettotech, and other like-minded music, as well as the all-important body part of every pony: the butt.

    This is a 62 track album totaling about 4 hours in length, featuring top pony artists such as:

    The Living Tombstone
      General Mumble (as Spott)
                                   sci (as anosa)
               Seventh Element

    ....and a whole lot more!  In addition, numerous high quality non-pony artists from wider fame, including DJ PLAGUE and DJ FREAK.

    Proceeds from this album, as with all Pinkamena Party albums, go to charity.  This year, we're supporting CLIC Sargent, for children with cancer.  Last year we raised over $250 for the Jimmy Fund!  We're hoping to break that!

    A lot of artists and people put a lot of effort into this release, and in one huge package, it's finally here!