• BronyScot Announces Major Changes

    BronyScot, Scotland's pony convention, has some major and a bit saddening news this morning as they announce some changes to the overall event.

    Check on after the break for the full press release and how this might effect your trip to BronyScot if you've already bought a ticket.

    Hello everyone,

    It is with a heavy heart that we must announce some major changes to BronyScot 2014.

    Our ticket sales have not been as high as we were expecting. We do have around 80 confirmed in attendance so far (and more expected to buy a ticket nearer the time), so we are already bigger than any brony meet-up in Scotland to date. But, we are still significantly short of covering the expenses to run this event in its current form.
    After considering our options, we are sorry to announce we will be removing the Sunday from our schedule, but we will be proceeding with BronyScot as a full one-day event on Saturday 11 October.
    We believe this is the most favourable option, as we know a lot of you are looking forward to BronyScot, and some have already made travel and accommodation plans.

    We will still be taking place at the Hilton hotel with a full schedule of events, including games, a cosplay contest, Rock Nessie, and more! Although, it is with regret that Mare Play will no longer be able to attend to offer merchandise for sale.
    What does all this mean to current ticket holders?

    Early Bird / Standard tickets

    Ticket prices will be lowered to £15 and will allow access to BronyScot on Saturday 11 October, including the Rock Nessie musical event in the evening.

    On 7 September, we will partially refund all tickets to match the new ticket price. (i.e. if you have paid £29 for an early bird ticket you will be refunded £14; if you have a standard ticket at £35, you will be refunded £20.)

    If you are no longer able or willing to attend and would prefer a full refund instead, please contact us at registration@bronyscot.org.uk


    Vendor ticketing has been simplified; there is no longer a distinction between Artists and Merchandise vendors. All vendor tickets are now only £25, and existing ticket holders will also be partially refunded to match this price.

    If instead, you wish to cancel or change your class of ticket, please contact us at registration@bronyscot.org.uk

    Nessie’s Treasure Trove tickets

    A massive thank you to those of you who purchased one of these tickets; you really showed your support! Holders of these tickets will receive a separate e-mail shortly regarding your options.


    A big thank you to all who have supported us so far. We will still be announcing new guests and events in the near future.

    As always for the most up to date information please follow our Facebook Page, Twitter feed and website.


    The BronyScot Team

    Twitter: Calpain