• Simple PMV Compialtion #91

    Sunbutt V. Moonbutt. You have two options. Yeah, we all know Luna is going to win, but lets throw a kink in that little victory lap of hers before she gets going! You see, Luna was around 1000 years ago back when ponies only really bathed once a month. Her mindset still hasn't changed. Would you still hang out with a Luna that doesn't bathe regularly?!


    And get some simple PMV's below, because PMV's are a good way to relax while thinking about how smelly Luna would be.

    [1] Source
    What I've Done - (PMV)

    [2] Source
    [PMV] My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Tribute/Montage - 3 Years of Greatness - Seasons 1 to 3

    [3] Source
    SoGreatandPowerful - A Sorceress Girl [PMV]

    [4] Source
    [PMV] FlutterShy & Epica