• SDCC 2014 My Little Pony Booth Tour - Super Fan Art Display, Upcoming Toys, and More!

    Now that Comic Con is in full swing, it's time to get to posting the merchandise that this brings! It's interesting to see these things in person after months of online pictures not really giving the best view on a molded toy or figurine.

    Shapeways was front and center with the new Super Fan Art kiosk, complete with almost their entire selection printed out as seen above (and below).  These were probably the most interesting for our little fandom here, with my favorite easily being Celestia.

    Anyway, head on down below the break for a 2014 SDCC MLP Booth tour!

    All from Super Fan Art.  They also had a computer set up to show off how to do it.  I think you guys are smart enough to do that though. 

    A bit of Equestria Girls, with Rarity's car.

    Toys R' Us had a few of their exclusives, which are also being sold at another booth.  

    The full Equestria Girls series in hard cover book form.

    SDCC Exclusive doll. Probably my favorite Equestria Girl for what it's worth.  I don't think shes enough to make me buy one though. 

    Adiago Dazzle and her posse.

    And the full stage set.  

    Chrysalis in stockings is one of those Toys R' Us exclusives, along with the Zecora EG Doll.

    They had a giant comic book display showing off a bit of Mane-Iac.  The whole theme seems to be following power ponies.  We need more of these guys! 

    I might actually be venturing into the terror that is the Hasbro Toy Shop line tomorrow for Mane-iac.  This thing looks waay cooler in person, and she's huge.  I need one.  I just hope she doesn't sell out before I'm able to snag one. 

    The Pop figures are here in full force, though some of the background ponies are missing.  

    Some of their newer brushables, a playset, and the snow globe ponies.  

    And finally, a bit of merch from all of their licensees.  You have probably seen a lot of them, though a few are SDCC Exclusive.  

    And a bonus giant Rainbow Dash.  That thing is taller than I am.  It wasn't actually at the Hasbro booth, but I figured I'd include it anyway.

    And that about covers it! This was only preview night, so there is a good chance things will ramp up once the convention is in full swing.  Unfortunately a lot of the posters that were being given out around the center have already been wiped out.  I was able to get 5 of them...With Trixie and Mane-iac eluding me.  Yes, fate decided to punch me in the gut.  Either that or you all wanted to spite me for some reason.  Hopefully I can try for another if they restock tomorrow.

    See you all for the panel in a few days!