• Nightly Roundup #1026

    Now that's an epic Luna worthy of the Roundup! She is here to command you to check out the news we have after the break!

    Tonight's Stories

    Adorable Rarity Chalk Art

    I absolutely love this pose Rarity is in. So cute!

    Vinyl Getting Some Sun

    It's a nice day in Greece it seems!

    Tonight's Successful Meetups

    Perth, Western Australia Meetup

    Hello, there!

    The Bronies of Perth, Western Australia had a meet up at Kings Park, today. We had a big pile of plushies, a tasty BBQ lunch, welcomed some new foals to the group, piled all the plushies on one guy, I said "okay, dude, hold your horses" and took a photo (lol horse joke I'm so funny).

    It rained a little, so we used all of our umbrellas to protect the plushies at all costs.

    It was a fun meet up, and I hope we can have another like this one, soon!

    Taiwan My First My Little Pony Meetup

    Yesterday was the first of four "My First My Little Pony" event at the Taipei Zoo (see Nightly Roundup #1024), and a group of the Taiwan Bronies decided to head out to check out the festivities. The event was aimed at the younger population with limited interaction with the franchise, with fun activities like arts and crafts and displays of My Little Pony toys. Still, we had a good time sharing our pony merchandise with everybody that was there and impressing them with our knowledge of My Little Pony. It was a lot of fun, and we're sure we made a strong impression to introduce the show to the boys and girls in Taiwan.

    SoCal Bronies San Diego Comic Con Meetup

    The Southern California (SoCal) Bronies meet up shortly after the San Diego International Comic Con 2014 convention on Sunday evening 27 July 2014. We met up at the San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina hotel in attendance were two guests from Australia and New Zealand who came to attend San Diego Comic Con - making this a truly international meet up.

    We handed out pony posters for those who weren't able to get badges to the convention and had a chat about the very eventful past four days of Comic Con. Much discussion was about the Hasbro MLP and IDW Comic panels.

    A group photo was taken at the hotel (but missing two attendees who had to leave early). We carried on afterwards at the Fish Tin restaurant across from the convention centre and much pony talk over food was had. The San Diego mild summer weather was perfect.

    Thanks to RightCowLe­ftCoast for organising this meetup and hope that they'll be many more.

    Link to the SoCal Bronies Meetup event page:


    Tonight's Groups Looking For More

    A Call For Help to Fulfill a Wish

    About 2 years ago, I lost someone very dear to me. They were the light of my life for a very long time. Now she's gone, and I have yet to properly pay my respects. I know that this isn't news, it isn't art or anything, but I have tried everything else, and It has yielded only one result so far.

    In order to pay my respects, I am making a music video dedicated to the person who passed away, and I am using the MLP oc's of Her and I that I made. I've seen the amazing things this community can do, and I just want them to help me fix my grieving heart.

    Basically, I'm asking for people to do drawings of our OC's, be it depicting a scene from the story they are in, or scenes fabricated by the artists.

    I'll go ahead and supply a couple of pictures.

    This is my OC, Stinging Nettle. His cutie mark isn't depicted here, but it is a red quill with a tear coming out of it.

    This is Twinkling Swallow, the other persons OC.

    Her cutie mark is unknown.

    This is incredibly important to me. Ive cried very frequently over this, even going to the point of a suicide attempt. I want to pay my respects so that this hole in my heart might begin to heal. Just know this is my last chance to pay my respects for a long time.

    Thank you for reading what I have to say...

    Send everything to [email protected]

    Winter Bells Radio Play Looking for Voice Actors!

    Hello, my names Joehighlord and over the last few months I've been working with a group of voice actors to make a Radio Play of Pen Strokes fanfiction Winter Bells. Things are progressing quite nicely but we still need a couple more roles filled.

    I've been making independent fanfiction readings for just over a year at this point and took on Winter Bells as a project after I realised that the story just has too many roles that needed filling. So it went from a project of three people, all the way up to a production with a full cast, an overuse of sound effects and custom music. Oh yeah, singing too!

    The two remaining roles are Spike and Twilight Velvet. (Twilight Sparkles mother)

    Anyone one interested in taking part should consult this helpful Google doc with any and all information relating to the project.


    Understand that Winter bells is quite a long story, while these parts aren't the biggest. Not even close. it's still quite a time commitment and the rest of my team are moving things along quickly so taking 4 months to record all of your 10 page script isn't going to work.

    But I look forward to hearing from some of you eager voice actors.

    The mighty Joehighlord.

    Animation Project Needs Help

    I'm writing because I'm in a bit of a bind, and I was wondering if you could lend a hoof. A song that Feather and I worked on is currently being made into an animated short. Unfortunately, the animator can't do it by himself anymore, and I'm looking to recruit other animators to help. The project so far is literally years in the making. It has truly great work in it, but we just plain can't finish it by ourselves.

    I put out a call for animators here, along with a preview animatic scene.
    My biggest problem is that, if I'm going to attract quality animators, I need as many people to know about this as possible.

    Multimedia Project Looking for More

    This multimedia project is about Bronies, adult fans of the animated children’s television program "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" (MLP:FiM ). The project explores the culture of the fandom as one of support, caring and acceptance that fans have found thanks to a show not originally aimed at their demographic. Through social media platforms, an ongoing conversation is being generated. It delves into societal expectations, gender bias, intolerance and self-identification.

    (that's a mouthful!)

    Get more information here!

    Tonight's Podcasts and Blogs

    MLP Analysis- The G&P Trixie

    The Brony Show 149 - Bronycon 2014

    The Brony Show 149 - Bronycon 2014

    Hello everypony. Bronycon is coming up in just a week and a half. That's right! It's coming! Do you know everything going on?! What panels are there? The special events? The exclusives?! So many things to do! Don't panic. We're here to give you the run down on everything going on with Bronycon so you can get the full Bronycon experience. Check out the episode here:

    Also check out the latest Brony News: http://youtu.be/3oQhNtDnXxQ

    And our favorite vids of the week: http://youtu.be/sAYXEt5qUVo

    Ace Analyst: IDW Comics 11-12 - Neigh Anything... Review/Analysis

    The Button Mashers New Video

    Hello Bronies and Gamers!

    We over at the Button Mashers had an interview with the lovely Kira Buckland, aka Rinachan. She's voiced a lot of different characters ranging from the Newgrounds game gone mainstream "Castle Crashers" to Dust: An Elysian Tail, to even roles in anime like Izumo from "Blue Exorcist"! Video can be found here:

    The Button Mashers, formerly Bluescreen Bronies, is the longest running video game podcast in the Brony fandom brings you Reviews, interviews, and news of the gaming kind each week! Not only will you see some of your favorite pony games, but your favorite industry guests as well! Tune into Everfree Network Sunday nights at 8pm EST

    Until then, game on Bronies!

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    July 29, 2011-2013

    2011 - Ponycraft 2 hits official Starcraft blog and Equestria Online releases a demo video.

    2012 - QWOP with ponies!

    2013 - Some Fluffle Puff.

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