• Game: Alicorn Princess Blast

    If you were at Everfree Northwest some of you may remember seeing this game on demo in the vendor hall by The Gaming Colts. With their success there they have decided to release the prototype to the masses for you all to try out!

    Love blasting the heck out of things? Check after the break for info on the game and where you can get it for yourself.

    Alicorn Princess Blast Prototype

    The Shimmering Isles, a land far away, is presided over by the young Princess Zenith. One day, a terrible shadow comes across her land, instilling a crippling fear into the minds of her subjects. This terror was the craft of the one and only malign magician: The Fearmonger. Now Princess Zenith must take to the sky to defend her homeland against the encroaching forces of darkness.

    Alicorn Princess Blast is a Top-Down shooter in the vein of Galaga or Sky Shark. A challenging game designed to emulate the joy and intensity of early arcade shooters for a modern audience. It features the Pretty Pink Pony Princess Zenith on her quest to save her kingdom from the Fearmonger’s frightening power.

    This prototype encapsulates much of our early work towards creating a full game called Alicorn Princess Blast. Go here for the game page.

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