• Convention Exclusive Smarty Pants Card Detailed

    For those that don't have access to the last for the convention exclusive promo cards for the collectable pony line, Smarty Pants has been aquired and pictured at Everfree Northwest. So what has he been up to since his beg debut in Lesson Zero (AKA second best pony episode beaten only by Magic Duel)? Have the description:
    A little known fact - without Smarty Pants, Twilight Sparkle may never have gotten into Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns!  Studying at Twilight's side, Smarty Pants took notes with her quill and notebook, and between lessons she built excellent book forts. Now happily owned by Big Mac, Smarty's skill with fancy mathematics is a big help in balancing the Apple Family checkbook.
    Thanks to Pen Stroke for the image!