• Children of the Night Animation Team Teases New Character from Original Pony Animation

    Something wild is on the way from the people that did the Children of the Night animation a while back.  They look to be taking a step back from the show ponies and moving on to something completely original.  We have a short teaser synopsis for you all below.  Expect the full trailer to premiere at the Hall of the Moon Custom Toumaking 101 panel at BronyCon. 

    Get the synopsis below!

    The Teaser Trailer Premiering at BronyCon "Hall of the Moon" (during Friday's "Custom Toymaking 101" panel) attendees will be introduced to a new equine world (animated by the "Children of the Night" development team) unlike any other, where reality and dreams mix. A mother and her adopted daughter clash, as do the worlds they control, while caught in the middle are its inhabitants. The result of this chaos causes each everymare to develop unique alter egos, who struggle for dominance and lead them on adventures through both night and day.