• 3D Print Ponies Making the Rounds on the Internet

    They may be a bit trigger happy with the C&D's over on Youtube, but Hasbro has done something great here with the 3D Printing deal.  When what is usually an old fashioned company makes strides like that, the internet notices.

    Quite a few sites have picked up on it, from big name news outlets to smaller toy blogs.  The storm is forming, and regardless of where it is coming from, we may be on the cusp of a major breakthrough in corporation Vs. fan relations.

    Head on down below the break for a bunch of article links if you are curious about the news world's reaction!

    Cnet focused primarily on the future, with potential brands that may be hit by the 3D fan made printing circuit next.  Get that over here!

    It's a shorter one, but they dropped it off to their huge tech audience.  Get engadget's take over here.

    Fast Company is actually a magazine mainly.  You can get their take on it over here.

    Thanks to Tchernobog, Rick, and everyone else for sending them!