• SFM and SFMish: Ponies, Humans, and Boxes Episode 1 / One Day with Discord / Fluttertree

    We art starting this one off a bit different than usual.  It's not really SFM, but instead more of a radio play with the source ponies.  If you like the doctor though, it's a pretty fun one.

    And in slot number two and three, we go back to the usual with a remade pony scene via some awesome SFM animation followed by some not so smooth SFM animation but still  reasonably animated Discordy.  Yes, this is the process EQD goes through every day when labeling things.  Imagine that.  Get both of them below!

    1.) Ponies, Humans, and Boxes - Pilot (Ep. 1)
    2.) FlutterTree [SFM Ponies]
    3.) One Day with Discord