• Random Merch: Roller Skates, Headphones, Clickets, and More!

    RAINBOW POWER... via skates.  They really will brand anything with ponies won't they? These guys popped up over in Germany at a store called Muller.  I'm sure they will wander around to the rest of the world eventually though.  Thanks to Apollobro for sending those.

    And get more random merch below the break!

    Pinkie Pie Headphones

    To go along with the swarms of other earbuds and headphones that have released these last few months.

    Found at Toys R' Us by Flutte Fan 101

    Water Bottle and Lunch Box Combo

    I can't tell if that is extremely convenient or totally random.

    Found by Micheal at Walmart

    Fuzzy Pony Coin Purse 

    Just in case any of you still use coins.

    Thanks to Julia for sending it!

    Pony Branded Clickets

    Canon pony shipping?

    Found at Walmart by Jody!

    Parasprite Kite? 

    I suppose it could be.  Or a coincidence. 

    Found by ApolloBro at a kite shop in Germany.