• Pony Magic Cartoon Glasses Appear on Entertainment Earth

    Here at EQD, it brings us an endless amount of joy to spotlight the best of the best in both the fandom and official show scenes.  Over the years, it has become harder and harder to surprise us as we dig through hundreds of emails with your submissions a day.  What a joy it was to randomly run into this link while digging through the box earlier today. 

    Introducing the "Pony Magic Cartoon Glasses" found over on Entertainment Earth by esteemed submitter Thomas.  Fashion like this would make Rarity quiver in her horseshoes.  We really have hit the pinnacle of official merchandise with this one.  Can you imagine rockin these at a job interview? Garunteed hire. Or traveling around school sportin a pair of Pinkie Pie shades? Most popular kid in school within a week, hands down. 

    Get some over here