• Music of the Day #321

    I'm heading this with Cadance rollerblading because it's awesome. I used to be huge on rollerblading, but giving it a shot a year ago after years of not doing it almost had me dead a few times.

    Anyway, back on topic! Time for MUSIC. Music of the DAY to be precise. Go experiment with us below!

    [1] Source
    Mogul Dash & BluNoseReindeer - Year of The Horse

    [2] Source
    [Chiptrance] Apple Bloom 'n Babs Part.3
    Instrumental - Chiptrance

    [3] Source
    EpiPony - Modern Day Canterlot
    Instrumental - Progressive Metal

    [4] Source
    [Music] Ponytronic - Countdown Till Nightfall (Original Mix)
    Instrumental - Dnb

    [5] Source
    Feather - City Slicker (Seven Ponies Remix)
    Remix - Progressive House

    [6] Source
    Drowning (PONE_NINE Orchestral Remake)
    Instrumental - Orchestral/Electronic

    [7] Source
    Haardtek - Stay Strong [Dj Lunar Hardstyle Remix]
    Instrumental - Hard style

    [8] Source
    Reuel - Wandering
    Instrumental - Melodic Electronic

    [9] Source
    Legends of Equestria soundtrack: Cantermore (Night, track 3)
    Instrumental - Piano

    [10] Source
    Hay Tea - Shades of Pink (Risen Edit)