• Half a Billion Celebration Time!

    Welp, looks like that "get more Trixie content" site masked as a general pony blog worked out.  For the past three and a half years, and 500,000,000 pageviews you were all trixed! Muahahahaha!  Now that she gets her own comic in a few days, I think all of our goals here have been met. Which pony should we focus on now? Maud Pie perhaps? Or maybe Flutterbat?

    Seriously though, thanks to everyone for  sticking with us for so long.  Even during these giant breaks in episodes and the inevitable recession in everything, this fandom somehow manages to keep the ball rolling with our crazy amounts of pony filled madness that floods our submit box every day.  We have a ton of seasons coming up, so hopefully we can keep it going long into the foreseeable future! That or I'll lose my mind running this thing.  Whatever comes first.

    With rumors of a November start date once again surfacing, we have a while to go before new episodes arrive! Feel free to use this post to suggest any improvements you'd like to see or events you want us to run while we wait.  Comic Con next month should be a blast from what we've heard.

    Apparently I blew up a few people's computers with the dance party last time, so just get one of the best dancing GIF's this fandom has created instead below! Happy Pony day!