• Discussion: Choose a Pony, Assign a Video Game Character for Them to Dress As

    In honor of E3 2014 going on right now, (Sony conference happening in an hour zomg), lets get a video game discussion going! We ran a post about a week ago asking which game you would want to see a pony version of, but the people over on Twitter gave me a new idea.  Artists like to dress ponies up as various video game characters, and I'm sure you all have favorites out there.  Luna up there, for example, is rockin the armor Luna from Dota 2 wears.  I love armored ponies.

    So, below in the comments you have a few options:

    • Link to your favorite image of a pony dressed as a video game character
    • Choose a character that you want to see dressed as a video game character
    • Just talk about E3 2014! 

    Now go! Discuss away minions!