• A Brony Tale Comes to Mexico, a New Poster is Released, and Film Reviews!

    Some more news for those of you following A Brony Tale! It looks like Mexico is next up on the list for premieres with the film coming to Mexico City, Monterrey, and Guadalajara.

    Not only that we also have the new poster for A Brony Tale which you can see above and we have some snippets of reviews as well that you can catch after the break!

    Thanks as always to Ian for putting the info together.

    "A Brony Tale" is coming to Mexico on 15 June, 2014 at Cinemex Real (Mexico City), 21 June 2014 at Cinemex Centrika (Monterrey) 22 June 2014 Cinemex Milenium (Guadalajara) - 12:00 pm - A Brony Tale (79 min.)

    These screenings are made possible by Brent Hodge, The Brony Chef, and FluttyCon 2014.

    Tickets can be purchased at FluttyCon 2014. The film will be subtitled in Spanish.

    FluttyCon 2014 Official Website: http://derpystyle.wix.com/fluttycon

    FluttyCon Twitter: https://twitter.com/fluttycon

    Christopher Campbell of Movies.com - "Hodge comes closer to making those of us who can't possibly get it at least start to comprehend what is really going on here and why. If we all joined them (the bronies) in not necessarily watching and playing with and dressing up as My Little Pony but at least in following its message and influence, then the planet would be a much better place."

    Tassoula of Cinebanter - "These folks don't appear creepy or crazy; they're passionate and sincere. Above all, they're sweet . . . it's nice to see a documentary that leaves you feeling good instead of bad."

    "As long as My Little Pony exists there will be bronies." - Ashleigh Ball, A Brony Tale

    We would love to see all of you at these screenings! Brohoof and stay blessed! /)

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