• 40 Page Power Ponies Comic Included with 8 Page Mane-Iac Specific in MLP Annual 2014

    With only 22 minutes of power ponies goodness to chew on in season 4, and the potential for a whole lot of extra exploration in the world of Maretropolis, it looks like the comic series is hopping in to help fill in the gaps.  A quote from Bobby Curnow on the IDW forums reveals some interesting tidbits of information from the upcoming 2014 MLP Annual:

    The SDCC 8-pager features Mane-iac traveling to the Equestria Girls world. While that story will also appear in the 2014 Annual, it is completely independent from the main, 40—page story in that book, which features the Power Ponies in "their" universe.

    From the sounds of it, the 8 page preview with Mane-Iac in Equestria Girls land will be popping up at comic con, plus a whopping 40 pages of actual Power Ponies in the annual.  Considering this is where super heroes originally thrive, I'm excited. 

    Thanks to Atticon for sending it!