• Wildstar Equestria Daily Guild - Need Ideas

    Here in the wonderful world of Equestria Daily, we like us some video games.  So much so, that we were considering doing something a bit different with Wildstar when it officially releases in a few weeks.

    It's time to make a guild!

    A few questions:
    • Would you be interested in a EQD pony guild?
    • Would you be alright with a PVP server?
    • What guild name would you like to see? (We accidentally ran out of time on reservation with SPACE PONIES (all caps), but we can always get something else once it releases, that was technically a filler. It was "Trixie is Best Pony" before that :P)

    The final server lists for Wildstar won't be around until a few days before it releases, so we will have to wait until then to announce a home. 

    Chances are, we are going exile.  Have you seen the pony ears on those Aurin? They are perfect.

    And for those wondering, this will primarily be a casual guild with possible raid groups later on if things work out. Wildstar is looking to have a pretty long  end game progression track unlike some of the other MMO's that have released in the last few years, including all sorts of key requirements to even get into the final zones.  Not to mention the difficult leveling instances. Time to team up!

    Hit those comments up.