• Vendors and Merch at BUCK 2014

    BUCK has some more news for you guys, this time introducing some of the goodies you can get at the main event. So check on after the break for some of the swag that is available later this year!

    Vendors and Merch at BUCK 2014
    Toys, Art, Crafts and Collectibles!

    The BUCK team is thrilled to officially announce our first wave of vendors attending BUCK 2014 this August!

    Read on to learn about the host of unmissable merchandise you could be taking home!

    Mare Play UK
    Official licensed MLP merchandise.

    BUCK’s official sponsor and supplier of official pony merch!
    Mare Play UK is the frontrunner in providing the community with the best MLP merchandise in the UK.
    Leading the negotiations to get new products – such as the well-received trading cards – into the UK, we strive to help the community get hold of the merchandise that matters to you.

    Lulu's Prints and Plushies
    Prints, original drawings and plushies.

    Lulu's stall will be full of artwork featuring our favourite characters – as well as a host of side characters and new favourites such as Coco Pommel! Lulu will have a great range of original artwork and cute fluffy plushies for sale, as well as a raffle to win a giant Rainbow Dash plushie!

    Reakkor's Art
    Artwork Prints and Canvases.

    Reakkor has been drawing pony art ever since he joined the fandom three years ago – He’ll be selling drawings of all the mane six for both prints and canvases!

    The Mana Spring
    manasmelts.deviantart.com (Updated gallery coming soon)
    Custom Resin Models, Bead Necklaces and Badges.

    The Mana Spring has been bubbling away in a hidden corner of Equestria. Mana, harnessing the springs great power will be bringing you hand painted models, hama bead creations, art badges and more! All your favourite ponies will be there including some secret special never to be seen again products!

    Digital Art Prints, iPhone Cases, Badges and Postcards.

    A hugely imaginative artist with a huge collection of title cards based on all the best episodes of MLP. Jowybean likes to experiment with his style of art to give each piece a unique feel, so no two items are ever the same!

    Geek Stitch
    MLP Cross Stitch Kits.

    All sorts of MLP Cross Stitch Packs for you to make your own beautiful cross stitch ponies! We will have our usual kits for the Mane Six group – and as a special BUCK exclusive, all princesses as well!

    Plushies and various sewn textiles.

    Super-soft custom made minky plushies with high quality embroidered features. No two are the same! May or may not come alive at night.

    Owl Tea Party
    Plushies and various sewn textiles.

    High quality plushies of the mane 6 and various background ponies from the show. Prints will also be available, as well as smaller chubby styled plushies of the ponies.

    Ashley Nichols Art
    Buttons, digital artwork, mugs, shirts and clothing accessories.

    Ashley Nichols Art is run by Ashley Nichols and Dav Villarreal, artists from California who specialise in the creation of posters, buttons, and other accessories!

    NorthWind Crafts
    Canvas artwork, prints, and other craft items.

    Creator of traditional, one of a kind, canvas paintings of your favourite ponies – as well as some other one of a kind suprise items!

    Twitter: Calpain