• Nightmare Nights 2014 Pre-Reg Open!


    Hey, everyhorse! Are you excited for Nightmare Nights Dallas? Well, you should be. They sent over this big press release just for you! Check it out after the break!

    Soon, fillies and gentlecolts, it will be that time of year: the time to celebrate (and fear) our Dark Princess, Nightmare Moon! Time is waning quickly, and you haven’t a moment to lose. Starting now, memberships will be available to those who wish to participate in our yearly festival to celebrate the return of the Mare in the Moon.

    Join us October 24-26 in Addison, Texas at the glorious Crowne Plaza hotel, for Nightmare Nights Dallas, a convention of not just our Dark Princess but all things My little Pony: Friendship is Magic. All memberships are on sale now, including Single Day memberships, Foal memberships for your human children, and all of the fantastic Premium memberships. But hurry! Our highest Premium memberships are quite limited. Our Premium Sponsor and Celestial Sponsor memberships include an NMND T-shirt (suitable for bipeds), reserved panel and event seating, and our Friday Cocktail Hour with our Guests of Honor, but only the Celestial Sponsor membership will include an intimate dinner with our Guests of Honor while having the most Texan of meals: all-you-can-eat meat! Be sure to check out all of our membership levels here.

    Nightmare Nights Dallas will not only feature our Guests of Honor, including My Little Pony’s talented artists, writers, and actors, but also Community Guests from the fandom we know and love. Panels, cosplay, vendors, and artists will not be the only surprises we have in store for you! Be sure to visit us at NightmareNights.net and follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@NightmareNights) for all the latest news, contests, and rumors on our Dark Princess’ return.

    For those of you who wish to sell and barter your wares at NMND, we have created for you our Vendor Application for our Vendor Hall and Artist Alley. Also our Panel Submission Form is ready for everypony to submit their creative ideas for quality programming!

    We hope to see you there, and remember, She is coming….

    Art by Ashy Girl