• Music of the Day #315

    Music of the day! Travel into the world of wonder and mystery as we explore tracks from all corners of the fandom! Or scare you a bit. Just like Nightmare Moon. Or Luna in the case of Fall of the Empire.

    Now go! Get nine below.

    [1] Source
    I'm The Doc (Frozen Let It Go Parody)
    Vocal - Parody

    [2] Source
    Final Hour - Panic
    Instrumental - House

    [3] Source
    Violin Melody - Forest (Original Trance Mix)
    Instrumental - Trance

    [4] Source
    Daniel Ingram - Make A Wish (Lunatra Remix)

    [5] Source
    Synthis - Dreamchaser Stargazer (Ditzy Trance Remix)

    [6] Source
    P.F.U.D.O.R -EE Featured Music (TIFWhitney Remix)

    [7] Source
    Fly Away - NekoWolf
    Vocal - Electronic