• Music of the Day #311

    Do ponies feel more naked to you when they have a shirt on without pants? Cause they do to me.  Thanks a lot Daring Do.

    We have 10 songs for you tonight, as always.  Get them down below!

    [1] Source
    REDD - Equestrian Gangster (Original Mix)

    [2] Source
    Haardtek | Remember Me [Progressive Trance]
    Instrumental - Progressive Trance

    [3] Source
    [DnB] You'll Play Your Part (Hydra Remix)
    Remix - Drums and Bass

    [4] Source
    Syrovex - Together Forever

    [5] Source
    Reuel - Rift
    Vocal - Electronic

    [6] Source
    Phonic Boom - Raiders on the Sand (WIP)

    [7] Source
    You'll Play your part (Mystery Orchestral Remix)
    Remix - Orchestral

    [8] Source
    Knife Pony ft. Feather - Stay (All for you Remix)
    Remix - Trance

    [9] Source
    [Music] MLP - Let The Rainbow Remind You (Ponytronic Remix)

    [10] Source
    Destruction (Original Mix) By Noah Kriska