• Equestria Girls - Adiago Dazzle Revealed

    A while back, a rumor was floating around that Vinyl Scratch was named Adiago Dazzle for the upcoming Equestria Girls movie.  It looks like this has finally been completely crushed. K-Mart is listing the toy above over here.  According to the description, she's apparently a lead singer, though of what exactly is still a mystery:

    Your Adagio Dazzle doll is the perfect lead singer for all your Equestria Girls adventures! Her rainbow-fied hair and wild outfit with wings give her the perfect look for her next gig. She comes with her very own microphone stand so she can belt out her favorite tunes for you! She's going to sing her heart out in true Adagio Dazzle fashion! My Little Pony and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.
    • Equestria Girls doll looks like the Adagio Dazzle character and really sings
    • Comes with fancy outfit
    • Includes microphone stand
    • Collect all the Equestria Girls dolls (each sold... 
    Thanks to Vizz, Thomas, and everyone else for sending her!