• Writer's Training Grounds #015: "Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3" - Submission Post

    Without an episode this week, you all get a break! I think... Unless Couch has something planned.  Head on down below the break for your usual fanfiction swarm! Go read stuff!

    Normal/Slice of Life

    [Normal] - 1500 words

    Author: A Hoof-ful of Dust

    The three faces of Apple Bloom, the potion apprentice.

    You Learn

    Characters: Apple Bloom

    [Normal] - 1370 words

    Author: Scarf Ace

    Princess Luna has just been released from a millennium's exile on the moon, and come back to a very different world than the one she left. Now she has to learn to fit in - picking up the ropes as she goes along. At least a nice, calm breakfast with her sister shouldn't pose too much of a problem.

    Breakfast in Canterlot

    Characters: Princesses Luna and Celestia

    [Normal] - 2004 words

    Author: Goldymarg

    “Yeah...doc, I don't know what I'm supposed to do. Is this happening because of some repressed feelings or whatever? I didn't really think that whole thing with dresses and being photographed was really important.” For at least half a year to this day, Rainbow Dash had been experiencing blackouts in her memory. At first they only lasted thirty minutes to an hour, but now they were capable of lasting for days on end. And whenever she came back to her senses, she could never recall where she was, or what she was doing. Only the tiredness in her legs and her strained voice were a reminder that someone or something had been controlling her. And to think, it all started with such an idle thought. A pure, innocent thought that endlessly built up inside the recesses of her mind, until it took a life of it's own.

    Fashion Fugue

    Characters: Rainbow Dash


    [Random] - 1929 words

    Author: Yukito

    Rainbow Dash's keen eye for detail causes her to witness a sight she wishes she saw wrong... To clear her mind, she decides that she must investigate!

    I Spy... A MURDER!

    Characters: Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Spike

    [Comedy] - 1833 words

    Author: TheRoadofGenerations

    Rainbow Dash inadvertently stumbles upon an unusual game of Hide-and-Seek

    Testing, Testing, 1, 2, WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?!

    Characters: Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Discord

    [Comedy] - 3200 words

    Author: Georg

    A side story to the Traveling Tutor series : What does a Unicorn Magic Youth Educational Specialist (Grades 0-3) do when he is requested to train the nephew of Queen Chrysalis? Improvise, of course (after panic, confusion, despair, terror and hopelessness have all been exhausted)

    The Traveling Tutor and the Changeling Queen's Nephew

    Characters: OC Green Grass, Queen Chrysalis, OC Peep Sprout

    [Random] - 2324 words

    Author: SolongStarbird

    Sophie Osmo learns through osmosis. Put a book on her head, let her sleep, and she will wake up knowing everything in the book. Falling asleep next to a bookshelf of strange books may decide her fate.... (It does.[well sorta])

    The Strange Life (And Tragic Death) of Sophie Osmo

    Characters: Sophie Osmo (OC), Mane 6 (and Spike), assorted labponies

    [Comedy][Crossover] - 1500 words

    Author: A.J. Vasuqez

    Twilight Sparkle was just minding her own business, when Rainbow Dash rushes in, screaming her head off about pie and seeing things that she shouldn't. What could she have seen that was so bad?


    Characters: Twlight, Rainbow Dash, and Spike

    [Comedy] - 5028 words

    Author: Zaphilious

    Rainbow Dash returns home after an exhausting day to find Tank missing... and she remembers catching glimpses of him in town while she was flying. Where has Tank gone, and why?

    The Tottering Tortoise, Tank

    Characters: Rainbow Dash, , Tank

    [Comedy] - 1220 words

    Author: SacredSturgeon

    Very little escapes Rainbow Dash's notice when flying. When she notices somepony is bothering Fluttershy, she wastes no time swooping down and confronting the troublemaker, for better or for worse.

    The Rainbow, the Rotten Wretch, and the Really Shy Pegasus

    Characters: Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rather Irate OC

    Comedy] - 2059 words

    Author: Silent Strider

    Rainbow Dash discover that her friends are planning a surprise for her. Figuring out the surprise, on the other hoof...

    Seeing too much

    Characters: Rainbow Dash, Mane 6


    [Adventure] - 1562 words

    Author: Borg

    One day, while out flying, Dash sees Twilight. And then she sees a flash of green flame as Twilight becomes a different pony. Needless to say, she finds this alarming.

    The Changeling Menace

    Characters: Rainbow Dash, Applejack

    [Adventure] - 1245 words

    Author: AlwaysDressesInStyle

    During a routine training flight Rainbow Dash decides to just keep flying. Along the way she discovers ancient ruins better left forgotten.

    Long, Long Way From Home

    Characters: Rainbow Dash


    [Shipping][Comedy] - 1841 words

    Author: JumbedThought1996

    Rainbow Dash's birthday is coming up and Spitfire is in town just to see her. She should be in bliss, but this wouldn't be a story if that were the case.


    Characters: Rainbow Dash, Spitfire, Soarin

    [Shipping][Sad] - 3515 words

    Author: RenaissanceBrony

    As a young unicorn matures into adulthood she comes to realize that there's more to life than the future.

    The Doctor's Daughter and the Baker's Boy

    Characters: OC

    [Shipping] - 2004 words

    Author: Arkan0id

    Twilight wishes to become a better flyer and goes with Rainbow Dash for a series of flying lessons. Between the rounds Rainbow is learning a few things herself. While she's helping Twilight learn to become a better flyer, her own dreams are helping her learn to embrace her sweet feelings.

    Sugar Wings and Other Nice Things

    Characters: Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle


    [Sad] - 3156 words

    Author: Suukorak

    Rainbow Dash notices something wrong with Pinkie Pie. What does it mean that her Pinkie Sense has stopped working?

    The Synthesis of Pinkie Pie

    Characters: Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash

    [Sad] - 1212 words

    Author: DouglasTrotter

    After a long day, it's time for the Cutie Mark Crusaders to head home from their club house. Rainbow Dash has come to take Scootaloo home. Rainbow Dash has some things to discuss with the little filly.

    Life's Test

    Characters: Rainbow Dash Scootaloo

    Crossover/Alternate Universe

    [Alternate Universe] - 5500 words

    Author: A Random Guy

    The Cutie Mark Crusaders enlisted the help of a Summoner from the future to bring forth the most epic creature in the universe! What did they get? A giant, black and red, epic alicorn! But he can't spell his own name.

    Changing the Things That Came (Part 3)

    Characters: Sweetie Belle (from the future), Gilgamesh Megadeath/Gary, Princess Celestia