• Tumblr Spotlight: Requiem / Docs Stuck in a Box / Ask Trixie and Cheese / Ask the Mission Last Response Team / Out of Work Derpy

    Heya gang! Welcome once again to another edition of the Tumblr Spotlight, where we dive into the realm of tumblr and see what strange and wonderful things we can pull out. Hopefully we have another interesting mix for you all to go through today.

    As always, if you have a tumblr you would like to share, whether it is your own or someone elses, please make sure to send it my way at [email protected] or my Twitter for review and filing. Mature themed ones (PG-13) are welcome as well!

    Now on to the tumblrs!


    While we're very accustomed to the bright and happy world our ponies live in, we do know that their world is quite perilous outside the cities and that old age and death are indeed a part of their lives. And when all is said and done it's up to one pony to take care of it all. Meet Requiem, a somber pony in charge of the dead along with related services who is answering questions from the living about her life and her world. If you've been looking to explore the sadder parts of Equestria this is certainly the tumblr for you.

    Requiem - First Page

    Our next tumblr is certainly for the Doctor Whooves fans out there! The Doctor has appeared in many different forms and in many different regenerations in our fandom and now we have them all in one convenient tumblr location! So hang around and check out the list of Doctors they have on staff, I'm more than certain you'll find at least one to your liking!

    Docs Stuck in a Box - First Page - Current Page

    One of the wonderful things about the tumblr pony universe is the unique pairings we sometimes get! Take for instance, Ask Trixie and Cheese. Who would have ever thought to pair these two together (not shipping!) as they travel across Equestria? Cheese, finding a down and out Trixie, has the blue mare join up with him as a magician for parties he plans. With a great art style, some simple animation, wonderful expressions and Trixie playing the straight mare to Cheese's insanity, it makes for a really good read even though it is fairly new. Check it out!

    Ask Trixie and Cheese - Current Page

    Ask the Mission Last Response Team

    What happens when the princesses of Equestria need something important and covert done in the kingdom? They call upon the Mission Last Response Team! Opposing the Earth Core Government, they are based deep under Canterlot in a re-purposed maintenance tunnel. Curious and eager to find out more? Click the links below!

    Ask the Mission Last Response Team - First Page - Current Page

    Many people have been hit hard by the tough economy so I'm sure those folks can find plenty to relate to with our last spotlight of today. With her cameos as an extra on FiM decreasing, Derpy has found herself out of work! Filled with different story arcs and several pages of content, this tumblr is a load of fun and an interesting twist on Derpy's character! Check it out.

    Out of Work Derpy - First Page - Current Page