• Shout! Factory Announces New DVD - The Keys of Friendship - Possible Twilight Castle Revealed

    With the end of the season drawing ever nearer, Shout Factory has another DVD in the works for this summer that seems to focus on Twilight and the keys from this season. Not sure if the cover contains spoilers or not, but just in case I have hidden it after the break along with the link to the Shout Factory page.

    Thanks to sending it in everyone!

    Update: Large image added
    Update 2: Episodes and more added 

    Looks like Twilight's tree got an upgrade or maybe Tree of Harmony, huh?

    Shout Factory Page

    Episode List: 
    Rarity Takes Manehattan
    Pinkie Apple Pie
    It Ain't Easy Being Breezies
    Twilight's Kingdom Part 1
    Twilight's Kingdom Part 2


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