• Pop Up Dungeon - Make Your Own Pony Adventure

    Lots of different game news today my pony friends! A little while ago we reported on Popup Dungeon in a Roundup, discussing how it would be possible to create pony related weapons, spells, and abilities in the game as well as enemies and hero characters, but all we had at the moment was a promise you could do this and just a screenshot or two of spell cards.

    No longer! The good folks behind Popup Dungeon have shown off their engine to show how well pony things can be incorporated into the game! Now an already interesting game has gotten even more interesting! I'm sure the creative side of the fandom will be able to craft all sorts of characters and campaigns using this game.

    Check on after the break for screen shots and information from the developers as well as a link to their Kickstarter where you can donate.

    Dungeon crawl as Purple Smart and use your Alicorn magic against enemies! You can even make a party of the Mane 6 and use the elements of Harmony against uploaded enemies such as Discord! Turn that Draconequus back into stone with a "Rainbow Glitter" attack. Or use a "Friendship is Magic" Card to befriend him, so you can summon him for combat with future foes! These are only a few of the possibilities since with Pop up Dungeon you can create abilities in a snap! Pop up Dungeon was created with user creativity in mind and we would love to bring this game to life for not only the Brony community but for other fandoms as well. You can finally have Dr. Who and Dr. Whooves fight Daleks Back-to Flank on Spaceship (a tile-set we hope to include if fully funded).  Please help us spread the word about our Kickstarter so that we can bring this game to life in only 2 years.

    (These Images are only examples of what a fan might upload. Twilight Sparkle, Discord nor the "friendship is magic" ability will be included in release.)

    Twitter: Calpain