• Music of the Day #296

    Are we ever going to see a followup on Fluttershy's surprise fangs at the end of "BATS!"? She doesn't need to be all hissy and growly, but she did look good as a bat!

    Get some music below!

    [1] Source
    Fin & Razza Ft. Nexgen & Evdog - Equestria Daily Anthem

    [2] Source
    FlightRush - Let's Kick Some Flank
    Instrumental - Dubstep/Electro

    [3] Source
    Stay - Knife Pony ft. Feather (DanteAurora Remix)

    [4] Source
    Lon3 - Magic in your heart
    Instrumental - Complextro

    [5] Source
    MLP Original - Let's Have A Party! (feat. Missbunniswan)
    Vocal - Duet

    [6] Source
    PhonyBrony & Feather - I'll Show You My Loyalty (Ponderous Loop Remix)
    Remix - Progressive Complextro

    [7] Source
    Haardtek | Fluttershy [Old]
    Instrumental - Prog House

    [8] Source
    Kaoss Walker- This Sunny kingdom of mine
    Instrumental - Rock

    [9] Source
    [Music] PonyFireStone - Can You Believe In Me (Ponytronic Remix)