• MLP: CCG Canterlot Nights: Pink and White Enter the Ring!

    We've heard a well deserved question from the masses: why are Blue, Purple, Yellow, and Orange getting all the attention for spoilers? What about Pinkie Pie, you ask? What about Rarity? Well, today I'm happy to spread the love to White and Pink, and share two new spoilers with all of you! Check them out below the break!

    First off, in the realm of White, we have the one and only Mr. Fancy Pants! He makes quite the dashing Ultra Rare, don't you think?

    As Fancy Pants is involved in more faceoffs he can build up more and more ammo, which you can then spend for points! In other words, the more parties that Fancy Pants attends, the more social cache he builds up, and the more he'll do for your team. Yes, Fancy Pants is truly a pony everypony should know! And with the new Showdown cards in Canterlot Nights, you cause faceoffs during the Main Phase to help build get Fancy Pants get Pumped faster than you ever could with just cards from Premiere.

    And, speaking of parties...

    Pinkie Pie may have some competition from Cheese Sandwich as the Premier Party Pony in all of Equestria, but she's definitely got quite a few tricks up her sleeve. In this case, when you play Pinkie you can invite a whole bunch of fun friends to come and join the party. And, since Pinkie loves to make everyone smile, everyone else gets to draw cards; this gets particularly zany in multiplayer gamers where every player is suddenly drawing bunches of cards!

    You may have noticed that this Pinkie Pie is wearing her Element of Harmony, and has the subtitle "Element of Laughter." You may have also noticed that Pinkie Pie here is the first 6 cost Friend card, which comes along with a rather strong power! What does this mean? Is she just the first of six? That would be a very reasonable guess, but you'll just have to wait and see!

    Lastly, a bit of news for those who have been waiting for an official card list to come out to go along with the comprehensive rules: we will be releasing said card database next week. This will also feature official listings for card errata and template changes, such as the missing minus sign from Marvelous Chapeau. More on that next week!