• Writer's Training Ground #013: "For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils" - Entry Post

    Luna spawns CREATIVITY, which spawns FANFICTION.  I'm seeing a lot of you submit for multiple weeks.  Good work! Hopefully you come out of this with some superior fanfiction skills to show for it.  You know who to credit if you ever go big and drop a New York Times best seller!

    Now go read stuff everyone else!

    Normal/Slice of Life

    [Normal] - 1563 words

    Author: Lunawisper Sayles

    Luna attends a meeting with her dream-walkers, unicorns that she, herself, trained to aid her in the monitoring of other ponies' dreams in Equestria. In this meeting, one of her prodigies, Astral Travel, informs her of a vision she had regarding the bat pony incident that hadn't plagued Equestria for over five hundred years. After peering into the future herself, she discovers the awful truth - the bat ponies are back.

    Visions of an Omen

    Characters: Luna, Celestia, OC Ponies
    [Normal] - 4969 words

    Author: RenaissanceBrony

    As the only Cutie Mark Crusader in Ponyville who hasn't had Princess Luna visit her in her dreams, Apple Bloom decides its time to try her own hoof at it to see if she can't do a better job.

    The Dream Fixer

    Characters: Cutie Mark Crusaders, Princess Luna, Twilight Sparkle
    [Slice of Life] - 3190 words

    Author: DouglasTrotter

    Princess Luna has invited the Cutie Mark Crusaders to a slumber party in Canterlot Castle. Everything goes according to plan. Throughout the evening however, the princess has her eye on a certain filly and requires a small 'chat' with her.

    An Apple's Gift

    Characters: Princess Luna, Applebloom, Princess Celestia, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo
    [Normal] - 6734 words

    Author: Saito S

    Scootaloo knew she would never forget what Princess Luna did for her when she visited the filly’s dream, helping her to see her true fears, and to face them. She knew that there were other ponies who had received such guidance from the Princess of the Night, and that, like herself, they all came away from the experience with a better understanding of themselves. What she hadn't realized was that for even a Princess to accomplish this task entirely on her own would be impossible.

    Luna's Apprentice

    Characters: Scootaloo, Luna
    [Normal] - 4200 words

    Author: Palm Palette

    Luna's having trouble staying awake throughout the night and keeps napping and dreaming about the day. This story takes place during the time period when the royal sisters lived in the castle in the Everfree forest.

    Day Dreaming

    Characters: Luna


    [Comedy][Random] - 2425 words

    Author: Yukito

    Scootaloo has been foalnapped, but by who and why? Read on to find out!

    The Case of the Abducted Scootaloo

    Characters: CMC, Twist, Diamond Tiara
    [Random] - 1693 words

    Author: Borg

    In the wake of the changeling invasion, Equestria ends up with a few prisoners. Luna thinks she can make them productive members of Equestrian society and have them help her guard her subjects against nightmares. But it will be no trivial task.

    All the Lunas

    Characters: Luna, Changelings,
    [Comedy] - 1018 words

    Author: Arkan0id

    Not to be outdone by Celestia in baking cakes, young Luna tries to make a cake she believes has to be seen from space to be truly appreciated. Do you really think that'll end well?

    Luna and the Greatest Cake

    Characters: Luna, Celestia
    [Comedy] - 1961 words

    Author: Scarf Ace

    Traversing the Dreamscape is a risky business, and nopony would even think of trying it without a trusted set of companions. In Princess Luna's case, these consist of the Royal wePod, coffee so black that light bends around it and the local doughnut shop owner.

    With A Little Help From Her Friends

    Characters: Princess Luna, Doughnut Joe, Pipsqueak
    [Comedy][Normal] - 1845 words

    Author: Chaucer345

    In this side story to The First Prince, Prince Blueblood the First must help his adopted sister use her new powers responsibly. But if all he ever talks about is how dangerous Luna's powers are, how does that come off to her?

    The First Prince: An Unexpected Meeting

    Characters: Prince Blueblood, Princess Luna, OC Captain Heart
    [Random] - 1574 words

    Author: Russell Dickson

    How does Princess Luna find ponies that need help? The Vidi-Yin nuns. The nuns listen for weeping hearts. She also has help form her Kunoichi ninjas(aka the five night mares), and her royal bat guard ponies. And somepony special

    The Friends of Princess Luna

    Characters: Princess Luna, Fresh Water, Pudding


    [Adventure][Comedy] - 5393 words

    Author: ZeroCore

    Twilight is summoned to the realm of dreams at Princess Luna's wish, the night time alicorn requiring assistance, but there's something there that Twilight didn't expect; Luna isn't the only one who helps manage the dreams of the many denizens of Equestria...

    Helpers of the Night

    Characters: OC Ponies, Twilight Sparkle (alicorn), Nightmare Moon, Princess Luna
    [Adventure] - 3413 words

    Author: AlphaOmega

    Dark Skies was just an average pony working for one of the most powerful pony in history: Princess Luna. His job consisted of the usual: bring the coffee, clean the room, listen and be still. Being Luna's assistant, he even had to completely flip his entire sleep schedule upside down. But, his role is about to change.

    The Legend of the Night Stalker

    Characters: OC, Luna
    [Adventure] - 3265 words

    Author: Silent Strider

    For the last few days dream denizens have gone missing. Princess Luna enlists Twilight Sparkle to help look for them, but now must also look after three fillies that succeed to follow Twilight Sparkle into the land of dreams.

    Dream Herders

    Characters: Cutie Mark Crusaders, Twilight Sparkle, Princess Luna


    [Dark] - 1902 words

    Author: Bluedot

    Deep below Canterlot there is an orb of dark power. It sends it's influence rippling throughout all of ponykind. How will Twilight Sparkle react when she finds it, and it's guardian.

    The Nightmare

    Characters: Twilight Sparkle, Princess Luna,
    [Dark][Sad] - 1500 words

    Author: A Hoof-ful of Dust

    In the realm of dreams, there live things other than dreamers.

    White Rabbit

    Characters: Princess Luna
    [Dark] - 6000 words

    Author: Tidal

    Nightmares can manifest from anything. A lie you told. A thing you stole. No matter what causes your nightmare, Princess Luna will be there. To rid you of the thing you fear, and teach you to control it before it consumes you... like it did her. Luna has a lot of ponies to watch over... and she doesn't do it alone. (Note, it only allows me to enter up to 6,000 words, when it says below 7,000. Fimfic's word counter put me over slightly, but I will put 6000 so it will submit. The story is actually 7000... I hope you enjoy it!)


    Characters: Luna, OC


    [Sad][Normal] - 2400 words

    Author: Georg

    After a thousand years, Princess Luna returns to the Dreamscape to once again make the night safe for her little ponies, but her world will be shaken to the very core by what she finds there. Her children.

    Luna's Children of the Night

    Characters: Princess Luna, Princess Celestia, OC Ponies
    [Sad] - 4850 words

    Author: Fullmetal Pony

    Luna has her work cut out for her. With so many ponies living in Equestria, it's a monumental task to visit their dreams and ensure they have a good night's rest. That's where her assistants come in. Tonight, one such assistant is going on their training run. Their mission: Survive Apple Bloom's dream.

    My Helpful Assistants

    Characters: OC, Luna, Apple Bloom
    [Sad][Dark] - 6099 words

    Author: Zeck

    This was supposed to be Symphony's night. She was going to be the star, and finally everypony would be talking about her. All her dreams about living in Canterlot and fitting into its high-class society would come true the moment she took the stage. She was going to reminded everypony that Octavia wasn't the only pony who had played at the garden party. But then Symphony found out that she's not as unique as she thought, and now her dreams are breaking around her.

    My Night

    Characters: Symphony, Fiddlesticks

    Crossover/Alternate Universe

    Alternate Universe - 4500 words

    Author: A Random Guy

    Interlopers from the future have arrived in the present day Ponyville through contrived means. But due to unfortunate circumstances, one interloper splits up from the group, a group which completely ignores him. These actions might have a bigger effect on the group than first imagined, or maybe not. Time travel is weird.

    Changing the Things That Came (Part Dos)

    Characters: Sweetie Belle (from the future), The Summoner, Celestia/"Twilight"
    [Crossover][Adventure] - 2577 words

    Author: Goldymarg

    "Heh heh...what a strange fellow you are. I have only met you now, and yet you've already warmed my heart. I feel as though I could share anything with you. Who are you, and what is this place?" Though most of the adults of Equestria remain oblivious, all the fillies and colts know and love Princess Luna. Whenever their hearts waver, or their lives has taken a turn for the worse, Luna has always been there to comfort them in their dreams. To give warm, heartfelt guidance in their time of need. However, the children often forget that she herself was once tormented by guilt and misery. They don't know the story of how it all started, that before she became the guardian of dreams, she herself was the one needing guidance. This is the tale of how she overcame her sadness all those years ago, the tale of her first dreamwalk and her encounter with a strange, smiling jester clad in purple...

    LuNA into Dreams

    Characters: Princess Luna
    [Crossover] - 1602 words

    Author: AlwaysDressesInStyle

    Maud, tired of Pinkie's parties outshining the Pie family's traditional rock farming roots, decides to 'outfun' Pinkie. With rocks.

    Like A Rock

    Characters: Maud Pie, Pinkie Pie, Rock Lords