• Writer's Training Ground #012: "Maud Pie" - Entry Post

    You know, I honestly didn't think Maud would be as popular as she is.  She kinda rocked this training ground.  You guys really love writing her!

    We have a bunch of stories dedicated to rocks, rock farming, and monotone mares.  Get them all below!

    Normal/Slice of Life

    [Normal] - 1235 words

    Author: RenaissanceBrony

    A short summary of the mysterious relationship between a pony's ability to farm rocks and write poetry.

    A Study Of Rocks and Words

    Characters: None

    [Normal] - 1576 words

    Author: Supersnot

    The Strata plains Rock Nursery has just hired a new unicorn to help tend the fields. But its owner the long suffering 'Gravel Packs' soon finds that Trixie who is still stinging from her previous humiliation in Ponyville is more than he can cope with and calls in an expert in the form of Maud Pie to assist him in helping Trixie settle in. Some rocks are harder than others, can Maud help Trixie before the whole farm is ruined?

    Rocks in the Head

    Characters: Maud Pie, Trixie

    [Normal] - 1141 words

    Author: Mr Discord

    My name is Maud Pie. I'm grey, like a rock. I like rocks. I live on a rock farm. I have a sister. Her name is Pinkie Pie. Everypony likes her. She is my little sister. She's pink, like rock candy. Which is still a rock. I like rocks. (Credit to http://raikoh-illust.deviantart.com for cover art)


    Characters: Maud Pie

    [Normal] - 1934 words

    Author: Nickel Bristle

    Maud has never been one for parties. She would often take a more business approach to her family's farm and be the voice of reason among her sisters. But when somepony knocks, she knows how far these ponies will go for a good party favour.

    A Stick in the Mud

    Characters: Maud Pie, Cloudy Quartz
    Slice of Life - 1510 words

    Author: DouglasTrotter

    Vacation time is like rock candy. It's sweet to savor, and it can disappear all too quickly for some. Maud's vacation has come to an end. She takes a leisurely train ride back to her job.


    Characters: Maud
    [Normal] - 1230 words

    Author: Goldymarg

    "Wait, you mean to tell me that all that demoralizing, back-breaking labor is done by earth ponies?! Trixie may claim to do the impossible, but what you're saying actually IS impossible!" Twilight had learned to accept Pinkie Pie for what she was a long time ago. Eccentric, aloof, and somehow never short of energy or surprises. She would have continued to not question anything about that whimsical pony, if it were not for her sister, Maud Pie. A pony just as capable of performing absurd feats, ones that defy all logic and reason. Ordinarily she would have pushed these feelings aside before it drove her crazy, but a chance encounter with a certain powder blue unicorn at the train station brought these questions back to the forefront of her mind. Perhaps she could gain some insight on what exactly a rock farmer was from somepony who actually had firsthoof experience...

    The Indomibitable Business of Rock Farming

    Characters: Twilight Sparkle, Trixie
    [Normal] - 4043 words

    Author: Zeck

    When Trixie returned from her adventure with Twilight in the Arctic North, she brought with her the shattered remains of a stone. Now, Princess Luna and Trixie are going to see an expert in hopes of getting some questions answered. When Trixie arrives, she finds that moving rocks around in a field isn't the only thing that a rock farmer does.

    A Shattered Stone

    Characters: Princess Luna, Trixie
    [Normal] - 5782 words

    Author: Silent Strider

    Trixie is down on her luck and needs bits, but she can't find work... except on a rock farm. Now she must work with the most expressionless pony she ever met if she wants to save enough bits to get back on the road.

    The Trick to Rock Farming

    Characters: Trixie, Maud Pie


    [Random] - 1945 words

    Author: Scarf Ace

    To Pinkie Pie, Maud is a loving sister and a pony to look up to. But for others, she is something different - a leader in the field of lithomancy, a mistress of Past and Future, the Seer atop the Hengeberg - that massive hill of stones that conducts the winds of magic. And tonight, an unusual visitor comes to see her, with an unusual question.

    Visiting the Hengeberg

    Characters: Maud Pie, Eclipse Flare (canon pony in disguise)
    [Comedy] - 1200 words

    Author: Georg

    Feghoot: (a) A story pun (also known as a poetic story joke or Feghoot) is a humorous short story or vignette ending in an atrocious pun (typically a play on a well-known phrase) where the story contains sufficient context to recognize the punning humor. (b) One of two brothers who compete against Maude Pie and her pet in the West Minister Pet Show Kitchen Obstacle Race.

    Racing Through Tines and Plates With Ferd and Feg Hoot

    Characters: Dr. Hooves, Celestia, Twilight Sparkle
    [Random] - 2665 words

    Author: Blood Brandy

    Debriefing: 4th Month, 22nd Day, Second Year of Luna's Return Agent Stone Reporting... Agent Ember Reporting... Senior Agent Sharp-Eye conducting this debriefing. This is the debriefing of mission 07251974, codename Operation Rock and Awe... You may begin when ready...

    Agent Stone, Reporting

    Characters: Maud Pie, Spike, Derpy Hooves
    [Random] - 1308 words

    Author: Borg

    I'm sure you've noticed how Maud did not appear in Pinkie's flashback to getting her cutie mark. Well, there's a good reason for that. She didn't exist at the time. But I shouldn't be telling you about how this all could be; you should ask her yourself.

    My Life as an Eldritch Abomination

    Characters: Maud Pie
    [Comedy] - 7000 words

    Author: Palm Palette

    Maud needs to round out her rock science major with a liberal arts minor. She's chiseled down her options to three subjects that she likes, (cooking, poetry, and fashion), but she'll need your help to choose between them and pass an entrance exam. Good luck.

    Choose Your Own Adventure: Maud's Education

    Characters: Maud Pie, OC Ponies, Suri Polomare
    [Comedy] - 1783 words

    Author: SacredSturgeon

    Most ponies consider Maud Pie to be little more than a rather boring rock farmer. Little do they know that she's the most capable agent in the Equestrian Secret Intelligence Service. Hot on the trail of a dangerous nationalist movement, she now has to stop the Princess-napping attempt of the century!

    In Her Majesty's Sedimentary Service

    Characters: Maud Pie, Princess Celestia


    [Adventure] - 3477 words

    Author: MaudPie21

    Before returning to her rock studies, Maud stops by the House of Enchanted Comics so that she can fulfill her duty as her alter ego, Iron Mare.

    The Invincible Iron Mare

    Characters: Maud Pie, Mane-iac

    [Adventure][Comedy] - 3676 words

    Author: Yukito

    Maud Pie has a special delivery to make, that will start her on an exciting journey all over Equestria.

    Special Delivery

    Characters: Maud Pie, Trixie Lulamoon

    [Adventure] - 1210 words

    Author: SolongStarbird

    Maud talks to Boulder, and Boulder talks back. Maud, much like most others obsessed with rocks, is a Geotongue, meaning she understands rocks. When Maud and boulder arrive at the academy, Maud hopes to spend the next two years honing her skills. Boulder, on the other hand, wants to socialize. Boulder ends up hearing things that will either put him, or the whole campus, in huge danger...


    Characters: Maud Pie, Boulder, various OC rocks
    [Adventure][Normal] - 1849 words

    Author: William

    While it was nice to meet up with pinkie and her friends, Maud Pie must now return to her regular life. She never did let pinkie know about her other side job… And what a job it is.

    Maud's Side Job

    Characters: Maud,
    [Adventure] - 3578 words

    Author: AlphaOmega

    How can anypony be as bland as Maud Pie? And an even greater shock is that she lived with the hyperactive Pinkie Pike. All everypony hears and sees with her is rocks, rocks, rocks. But that may just be what she wants you to see. Pinkie and her friends know her as a simply mare who enjoys rocks. However, there may be more to this "simple mare" than meets the eye...

    How the Other Half Lives

    Characters: Maud Pie
    [Adventure] - 4162 words

    Author: Melon Hunter

    Daring Do may have bitten off more than she can chew with her latest expedition partner. She seems determined to one-up Daring by using her knowledge of rocks, ignore her every instruction and not to speak a word more than necessary. However, Daring may discover that there's far more to Maud Pie's single track mind than meets the eye... and that there's no such thing as 'just a rock farmer'.

    A Word to the Wise

    Characters: Daring Do, Maud Pie


    [Dark][Random] - 1273 words

    Author: Arkan0id

    Maud Pie seems like an emotionless rock obsessed pony. This is a cover for something else. The personality difference between Maud and her sister Pinkie exists for a reason, but only Maud really knows the truth.

    The Maud-churian Candidate

    Characters: Maud Pie, Pinkie Pie
    [Dark] - 1443 words

    Author: Bob Jet

    Half a year after the Elements of Harmony were returned to the Tree of Harmony, guilt gets the better of a member of the top brass. And so it was that the press learned of Operation ROCK.


    Characters: Maud Pie, OC
    [Dark][Adventure] - 6188 words

    Author: a human

    Maud Pie leads a geologic expedition to the lands outside of Equestria, which turns out to be a barren apocalyptic wasteland. But does she have an ulterior motive for this quest?

    Past the Edge of Equestria

    Characters: Maud Pie, OC Ponies


    [Sad] - 1700 words

    Author: A Hoof-ful of Dust

    Little Pinkamina has a conversation with her older sister about her future in rock farming.

    Like a Rolling Stone

    Characters: Pinkie, Maud
    [Sad] - 4153 words

    Author: TheAccidentalBrony

    Maud Pie, just a filly, has lived her whole life on a rock farm, but today her father will show her the secret to their special kind of farming. What does it mean for earth ponies? For Equestria? Or for Maud herself?

    Secrets of a Rock Farm

    Characters: Maud Pie, Clyde Pie (Igneous Rock)


    [Alternate Universe] - 2800 words

    Author: A Random Guy

    Maud Pie has many simple skills that she picked up over her rocky years. One particular skill is in high demand for the Presidente of the pony version of Mexico, which is the summoning armies from the future. Hey, even rock farmers need broad skill sets.

    An Account of the Origin of the Mad Mud Army

    Characters: Maud Pie, Uva Pastel, the Presidente de Bronxico

    Sci - Fi

    [Sci-Fi] - 1290 words

    Author: Chaucer345

    Maud is happy to have her new friends. However she feels as though she could have related to them more closely if she was just a little bit better. Maybe her father can help.

    Becoming Better

    Characters: Maud Pie, Igneous Rock, Boulder