• (Rumor) 4DE Opening Pre-Order for Fluttershy Plushie Soon and More Ponies on the Way!

    It looks like a new line of 4DE plushies are getting closer and closer to being up for order. An email received by a curious customer about the ponies reveals that 4DE will have Fluttershy up for pre-sale "fairly soon", and even mentions extra sizes (including larger, not just mini), new models, the rest of the mane 6, and more.

    Find the full email detailing everything after the break! And thanks to Marius for the heads up!

    We have plans to make many more models and we should have some announcements regarding this coming up soon! Plans were postponed a while, but we are working hard on many projects and the next one, Fluttershy should be up for pre-sale fairly soon. The Mane 6, minis and even more are soon to be announced and I am sure they will delight! (And don't worry, we may be producing larger sized versions in the future.)

    Thank you for your continued interest and please write back any time for more questions!

    Angela at 4DE

    Twitter: Calpain