• Random Merch: Spike Plushie, Comic Book Cups, Umbrellas, and More!

    This Spike plushie has been popping up at random Toys R' Us stores around the country. I'm actually pretty impressed with the build quality.  It does come  a bit steep at 30 bucks.

    Onward to random merch! And thanks to Zachary  for the image.

    Pony Comic Book Cups

    Found at: Toys r' Us
    Thanks to Julia for the heads up!

    Fluttershy Body Wash

    Wash Fluttershy behind the ears~

    Found at: Kmart
    Thanks to Alexander for the heads up!

    Magic Paint Posters

    Paint things with ponies

    Found at: Walmart
    Thanks to Melissa for the heads up!

    Another Puzzle

    48 pieces is weeeak.  Kids these days...

    Found at: Stop and Shop
    Thanks to Tom L. for the heads up!

    Prize Ribbon

    Uhhh, I guess someone asked for this?

    Found at:
    Thanks to for the heads up!

    More Umbrellas

    It rained for a day in AZ the other day... Amazing.

    Found at: Toys R' Us
    Thanks to Framwinkle for the heads up!

    Easter Egg Cup Breakfast Set

    Apparently you UK people eat eggs in cups or something? Fascinating.

    Found at: B&M in the UK
    Thanks to Mikuru for the heads up!

    Rainbow Power Mugs

    Merchandise everything with rainbow power.  I don't know many kids that drink coffee, so this is clearly for you guys. 

    Found at: Walmart
    Thanks to DeltsDash for the heads up!

    Glossy Pens

    I remember when these were bug when I was a kid.

    Found at: Target
    Thanks to Flarabelle for the heads up!

    Hawaiian Shirts

    More shirts! Starring an Oc pony this time. 

    Found in: Honolulu
    Thanks to Seth for the heads up!