• MLP Easter Merch - Eggs, Eggs with Pony Toys, and Giant Chocolate Egg Shaped Thing!

    Easter is right around the corner, and with that comes new types of pony merch.  Up above, we have your standard chocolate eggs found at a local supermarket.  Chances are we are going to see these pretty much everywhere with that branding. 

    And below, Russia is rolling out these pony figures hidden within eggs.  Usually with those, they tend to stay within their specific country if the last few years is any indication.  I'll toss an update out if they are spotted elsewhere though!

    And finally, up in Canada, we see a return to the giant pony chocolate mural.  I used to think it would be impossible to eat all that chocolate, until I ate one last year over the course of a month.  

    Thanks to FluttershyElsa, Ossie, James, Dominique and everyone else for the heads up!