• Mike Vogel Looking Into Concerns About Fan Work Takedowns

    Coming from the wonderful world of Twitter, Hasbro Studios VP of development (who you may recognize from the various Comic Con pony panels he has hosted) Mike Vogel tossed this message up in response to the overwhelming amount of people asking about yesterday's Jan Animations take down.  While this doesn't guarantee anything, It's frankly awesome to see someone with a title like that digging around for what is going on over there.

    If the EQD mailboxes are any indication, a lot of you are pretty worried about what is going on in the fan work arena. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of it soon! I can't imagine the free advertising on something innocent like Button Mash would really be something they are gun-ho to take down. Princess Molestia was understandable, but Jan's stuff hasn't been inappropriate in the slightest so far.

    Cross your fingers for a legal free future!