• Michael's Condition Improving

    It's been a couple weeks since the terrible events that led to Michael Morones being taken to the hospital and a lot has gone on since that time. The fandom and world news has exploded with well wishes and discussion, raising thousands for Michael's medical bills. Unfortunately, the news on how Michael has been doing has been sparse, but tonight we have some good news to pass on thanks to the Portrait of Adoption Website.

    Apparently Michael's body functions are improving with his mind slowly starting to function again! Neurological improvements have been seen that were not present before and he is also off IVs and sedation now it seems. While they still don't know yet what functions he will retain after this ordeal, plans for now involve moving him into a wheelchair for the time being.

    More details as well as inspirational stories can be found on the official article here. Keep it up, Michael! We're rooting for you buddy!

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